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The contrade of Etna 2013: The volcanoe’s most intriguing wines and their producers

febbraio 12, 2012

le contrade dell'etna 2013 home giornalevinociboby Luigi Salvo            articolo in italiano
The “Contrade dell’Etna” already at its 6th edition, has become an unmissable event focused on the volcanoe’s wines. An event where wine producers of different areas of the volcanoe and operators meet to taste and compare the best productions.

The event conceived by Andrea Franchetti at his winery in Passopisciaro, has expanded year by year, both in quantity and in quality. This year the participating wineries are 62 located in two tasting halls. A new tasting hall with frontal columns and wooden ceiling has been added to the historic one.

Wines from this fantastic territory are attracting a continuosly growing interest, six years ago the situation was completely different. Andrea Franchetti has envolved a quality production meccanism sustained by effective comunicative means. The subdivision of the Etna territory in “contrade” has qualified and given uniqueness to the various micro zones. This subdivision has also been embraced by the DOC Etna regulation.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 andrea franchetti luigi salvo

Andrea Franchetti is visibly satisfied for this year’s edition:
“Etna is like Burgundy, the future of this territory is in the hands of small winemakers and this is just the beginning of an important story of quality. After the restoration of old vineyards we know it’s the beginning of a new phase: the recovering of ancient wineries respecting their original characteristics.
n the Etna area there is a need for accomodation structures and I think we ought to create classic architecture that goes well with the nearby vineyards. I have already inaugurated this course restructuring part of the cellar that today hosts the winetastings, let’s go see it”.

 Can you tell me about the new Cru the Guardiola?
The Guardiola 2012 is extraordinary, I rented a fantastic vineyard in this contrada. Marc de Grazia has already produced high quality wines in this area. I think it’s interesting that many of us produce wine in the same Contrade and in a few years it will be possible to appreciate the different interpretations.”

 After a day’s tastings here are the wines I preferred:
Considering the white wines, I much appreciated Etna Bianco Quantico ’12 by Giuliemi Winery, available after this summer: intense nose and rich citrus taste with hints of salinity. The Etna Bianco Salisire ‘12 by Vivera confirms its potential, exquisite notes of fresh fruits and well-dosed salinity.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 planeta carricante

Great olfactory freshness and long wake of sapid fruit in the new Carricante ’12 Eruzione 1614 by Planeta. A very convincing debut for Carricante Buonora ’12 by Tasca d’Almerita, lively taste, great acid vein and structure.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 graci carricante arcuria

Enjoyable the Etna Arcuria ’11 by Alberto Graci outcoming next September, delightful citrus and vegetal olfactory notes, acid and full taste that fills the palate.

Undeniable potential in the Etna Bianco A’ Puddara ‘11 by Tenuta di Fessina where Silvia Maestrelli and Federico Curtaz obtain this Carricante mono-varietal from the vineyards of Santa Maria di Licodìa. Great floreal and fruity nose, delicate spices and wet rocks, a long shiver of salinity that continues and enlivens the flavour merging to the nose-palate persistence.

Etna Bianco Archineri ’11 by Pietradolce is a great mono-varietal Carricante, poliedric on the nose, yellow pulp fruit, aromatic herbs, spicy and salty aromas, round taste with final persistency.

le contrade dell'Etna filppo grasso mari di ripiddu

Etna Bianco Mare di Ripiddu ’11 by Filippo Grasso has an olfactorial range of apple, white pepper and mint while the taste is an alternation of sapidity and pulpy fruit.

Very intense the Carricante ’11 Terre di Trente, the Trente Hargrave and Filip Kesteloot productions continue expressing themselves on high levels.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 benanti pietramarina

The Etna Superiore Pietramarina ’09 by Benanti confirms its olfactorial features, floral broom, yellow peach, notes of sage, thymes and bark. Taste is full unique with lengthly aroma and sapid final.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 feudo cavaliere rosato

Rosè wine tastings: excellent the Etna Millemetri ’12 by Feudo Cavaliere an evoking of rose and violent  scents, cherry, ribes and mineral hints. The taste corresponds perfectly offering extended olfactorial returns. Very inviting the Etna Prima Rosa ’12 by Primaterra, a fresh rose nose, cherry notes, cassis and spices, pleasantly fresh and mineral sip.

The volcanoe red wines certainly have great attractiveness:

Vivid ribes fruit, violet and humus enlighten the potential of the Etna Rosso ’12 Tenuta delle Terre Nere. The Etna Rovitello ’12 by Benanti, historic reference Etna wine, allures with its juvenile attractiveness.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 passopisciaro varie contrade

The 5 Cru by Andrea Franchetti and the Passopisciaro, all 2012, enclose the universe of the Etna territory.
The Rampante has a particularly fresh nose-mouth intensity, the Sciaranuova  has more body and strength, the Chiappamacine reveals the tannins of the Nerello on the palate, the Porcaria is the most concentrated with great persistence.

The Etna Rosso by Aitala ’11 has a great mix of fruit, spices and saltiness on the nose while the taste has good vigorous acidity and fruit pulp in the mouth.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 cisterna fuori biondi

Outstanding the Etna Rosso Cisterna Fuori ’11 by Ciro Biondi, a mix of elegance and strength, scents of red rose, ribes fruits and clover. Live freshness in the mouth with continuous fruity and mineral returnings.

Delightful the new Etna Cru by Girolamo Russo the Feudo ’11, polyhedric aroma of little roses, pomegranate, thymes, ribes, oriental spices, dense and correspondent palate.

The Etna ’11 by the Irene Badalà Agricultural Farm has good fruit and spice vigour and integrity, its traits of naturalness fulfill the palate.

le contrade dell'etna 2013 allegracore vigo

The Etna Allegracore ’10 by Fattorie Romeo del Castello profuses aromas of wild rose, rasberry, carob and cinnamon. Enjoyable fresh mineral taste with coherent olfactory allure.

The Etna Marinella ’10 by Vivera has variegated nose of dark fruits, spices and minerality. Fresh and inviting flavor with long ending.

Very enjoyable the Gra Etna ’10 Contrada Barbabecchi Quota 1000 by Alberto Graci. Ribes, Mediterranean scrub, backround of star anise and cinchona. Determined structure with acidity and minerality in which tannins sustain the long final.

le contrade dewll'etna paolo caciorgna

Elegant expression of fineness, the Etna Rosso N’anticchia ’09 by Paolo Caciorgna, the thin nose intensity is a mix of fruit, spices, rose hints, juniper, cincona and licorice. On the palate freshness and minerality smoothen its alcohol, giving agility and harmony.

le contrade dell'etna tenuta di fessina silvia maestrelli

Ancient and attractive bush vines produce the Musmeci ’08 by Tenuta di Fessina. The vintage gives us today its sculptured versatility. Nose: wild roses, ribes, fresh aromatic herbs, spices, excellent use of wood. Perfect correspondance on the palate, the tannic texture ably fills the mouth and sapid fruit dominates the profused ending.

Translation by Maria Lina Bommarito

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