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Vertical Tasting of Grillo Wine “La Luci” and Nero d’Avola “Lu Patri” at the “Baglio del Cristo di Campobello” Winery

febbraio 11, 2012

cristo di campobello homedi Luigi Salvo               articolo in italiano
In March 2009 during the event “Sicilia en Primeur” organized by Assovini Sicilia, while entering the large hall where various Sicilian wineries were exhibiting their wines at the desks awaiting the encounter with the press, I was immediately attracted by a few bottles not familiar to me. I approached the desk on which the bottles were arranged and immediately was impressed by samples of chalky soil coming directly from the estate’s vineyards exposed in evidence on the tasting table.

In that occasion the winery Baglio del Cristo di Campobello was making its debut presenting its first wines. During those tastings I immediately understood that of this company much would have been said in the years to follow. In fact, in that glass there was substance and passion and the people in front of me were true and genuine.      

.Christ of campobello hills giornalevinocibo

For many years the Bonetta family had committed itself in cultivating the vineyard in such a splendid place in Campobello di Licata at first selling the grapes. They then decided to close the chain, bringing the fruit of their labor into the bottle.

In 2006 the construction of the cellar began, the choice of the names of the wines that gradually were produced was intensely pondered and is the result of the deep bond with their land and their traditions. As Carmelo Bonetta likes to say: “We tried to do our best we are tenants who have always cultivated harvests  

Christ campobello of the Christ in the vineyards

With two of my co-workers of the Journal, Antonio Caruso and Vincent Bonomo, we went to  Cristo di Campobello to meet Angelo, Carmelo and Domenico Bonetta. It was a beautiful sunny Agrigento winter day and as soon as we arrived the first thought of Carmelo was to accompany us to the place from which the name of the company derives its origins.
Not far from the ancient farmstead, in fact, the crucifix stands in the middle of the vineyards, destination since ancient times of the locals faith pilgrimage. The view of this Christ with the vineyards in the background is impressive especially for the sense of peace that reigns.

Christ of campobello vineyards giornalevinocibo

At Baglio del Cristo thirty of the fifty hectares owned are vineyards, we are at an altitude between 230 and 270 meters above sea level and eight hundred from the coast. The soil reflects the light of the sun because of its whitish color due to the high presence of limestone and gypsum.

The modern winery utilises vats of 110 hl and both stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels, which allow a combination of traditional wood refinement and the technology of steel silos with pumping, micro and macro oxygenation and temperature control.

carmelo Bonetta luigi except in Christ of campobello

The precise interpretation of the potentiality of the variety first in the vineyard then in the cellar according to the dictates of an important wine consultant Riccardo Cotarella, provide well-tended vineyards, careful thinning, low yields, soft pressing, long maceration, aging on lees, batonnages, temperature control and evolution in both barrels and stainless steel.

Christ of campobello ancient Sicilian veil

The soul of the wines is the result of the Bonetta’s great passion for their work, the proud conveyance of their land’s potential,  including their own customs and make them a distinctive pattern. Typical example is the beautiful selection of traditional Sicilian veils worn by the women for the creation of the labels for the “ C’D’C” White and Red wines.

Before the two vertical tastings which I asked to arrange on order to evaluate the evolution of two of the most important wines from native grapes, Grillo and Nero d’Avola, we also tasted all the other wines produced in the last year.

Christ of campobello tasting

CDC Bianco 2012
Highly successful blend of Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto and Chardonnay is fresh on the nose and in the mouth and shows drinking succulence and trails of  tasty fruit. Wine with good quality/price value.

Adenzia 2012
The union of two native grapes Grillo and Insolia diffuses aromas of magnolia, white peach and hints of cedar from the glass. A fresh and full taste, a flowing of pleasure.

Christ of campobello laudari

Laudari 2010
Chardonnay with a brief passage in barriques has a bright straw color with golden hues, nose of orange blossom, broom, tropical fruit, balanced vanilla. Soft in the mouth and by no means excessive.

CDC Rosso 2011
Alter ego of “CDC White”  made from Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, simple nose of red fruits and spices characterized by a fresh and tasty sip.

Adenzia Rosso 2010
Blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah nose characterized by notes of cherry, blackberry, cut grass and spices. Vibrant taste in which the two varieties alternately emerge.

Christ of campobelllo wines giornalevinocibo

Lusirà 2011
Great expression of Syrah refined fourteen months in barrique. Deep ruby red, olfactory range of plums and ripe blackberries, sweet spices, chincona, graphite. A fresh taste with an evident sapid spine  that balances the softness.

The Vertical tasting:

La Luci in Sicilian “the light” is Grillo wine aged 4 months on the lees and 3 in the bottle. Our tasting included all four vintages produced from 2009 to 2012.

Christ of the lights campobello giornalevinocibo

La Luci 2009
The bottle label is blue, different from the following years. In the glass the wine is bright light gold, multi-faced nose of broom, star anise, peach, with mineral and herbal notes. Soft, deep and enfolding in the mouth, shows fruit-savory flashes and a surprising trail of sapidity. 89/90

La Luci 2010
Lively gold with straw-yellow glares,  the nose akin to the previous vintage, slightly less intense  with more herbal notes. Corresponding taste supported by fruity acidity, notes of vanilla and mineral closure. 87/100

Christ of cambobello tasting giornalevinocibo

La Luci 2011
Bright straw color, smell in the foreground bouquet of yellow flowers, white peach, citrus and herbal notes. Well-cohesive sip, fresh and balanced. 88/100

La Luci 2012
Tank sample not yet labeled, straw-yellow with greenish nuances, emits intense sensations of  wisteria, peach, green apple and citrus and sage notes. Youthful and extremely fresch taste, citrine  and mineral. 86/100

Christ of campobello white giornalevinocibo

”La Luci” is a new concept Grillo wine that can give great pleasure in the glass, starting from high quality grapes adopting modern methods of vinification, enlighting some aspects of this variety little appreciated until about ten years ago.

The Vertical tasting of Lu Patri, Nero d’Avola, which in Sicilian means “the father” indicating in its name “the progenitor” in term of respect. Comes from the best grapes of this variety macerated for eighteen days and aged fourteen months in barriques. We tasted all the six years so far produced from 2007 to 2012.

Christ of campobello lu shareholders giornalevinocibo

Lu Patri ’07
It‘s the first harvest of the Nero d’Avola bottled by the winery. In the glass it is bright ruby ​​red with garnet reflections, intense aroma of blackberry and plum jam, leather, cinnamon, marine saltiness and balsamic gusts. The mouth is rightly soft with fresh, savory notes.  88/100

Lu Patri ’08
Brilliant ruby red, the nose releases rhythm feelings of dark currant, ripe blackberries, sweet spices, medicinal herbs, leather and vanilla notes. On the palate the extracts offer good balance and radiance.   87/100

Christ of campobello luigi except carmelo Bonetta giornalevinocibo

Lu Patri ’09 
From the consistent ruby red color this wine invitingly shows its characteristics, versatile multi-faced nose, wave of blackberries, cassis, plums, dark tobacco, liquorice, eucalipltus, dabs of camphor and menthol hints. All the notes are crisp and at the same time well-expressed in the vertical. On the palate it winks with elegant glycerine “sweetness” full of freshness and flavor. 92/100

Lu Patri ’10
In the glass this wine has a deep ruby aspect, intense nose of cherry jam alternating with black cherry, mint, leather, mineral perceptions and a cascade of spicy notes. Mouth powerful and refined, beautiful alternation of heat, acid spine, compact tannins and lingering fruit tasty persistence. 90/100

lu shareholders beam of christ by campobello

Lu Patri ’11 
Sample of cask taken specifically for the vertical.  Bright ruby ​​color with purple hues, intense nose full of fruit, cherry, black cherry, cassis, herbs and spices. Fresh taste and pleasantly present tannins. Wine with great potential. 86/100

Lu Patri ’12 
Tank sample with purple brillince and ruby ​​highlights, bringing the nose to the glass the verticality of fresh fruit is very intense. Very young mouth, this is the “Lu Patri” yet to come. ng


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